Report of the
Laguna Del Sol Gathering

July 14-16, 2000

By Dave in OR and Hiker



Making a 12-hour drive alone while towing a 2,500 lb. tent trailer is not one of my favorite chores. But sometimes the rewards are worth it. And so it was after arriving at Laguna del Sol for our chat gathering July 14-16! My wife had obligations, which were planned long ago, so I made the trip alone.


My journey began about 7pm Wednesday night. I wanted to spend as much time as possible at the gathering, and also had promised to meet JC/UK at the Sacramento airport when his flight arrived Thursday afternoon. Leaving with that much time to spare allowed for napping on the way down (parked at a rest area, of course).


I arrived in plenty of time at the airport and was anxiously awaiting JC's arrival. As the airlines will have it, his flight was 90 minutes late, and he missed his connecting flight. By 5pm my late companion had arrived, though, and we were off to Laguna after a stop at a grocery store to buy food for the weekend.



Rich uncle and I arrived at Laguna on Thursday afternoon, after driving in from Walnut Creek via Lodi.... can you just imagine it.... I was in Lodi?  Looking forward to being stuck in Lodi again?  We set up my tent and went hunting for the friends. We eventually found Jack and some guy with gorgeous white hair that I thought I should know! But they were just so busy trying to unlock a door that would not open no matter how hard they tried, after dismantling the door knob and lock they were still having trouble when Paul said..."if only I could get to the other side of the door.... I just know I could fix it" so Jack walked outside and going in the back door of the trailer stuck his nose down to the hole in the door and said, "you mean like this?" We all had a pretty good laugh as no one had realized that there were two entry doors to the trailer.  Eventually the door was fixed and we all got round to chatting! Which is what us folks do best.... way better than fixing doors, right Ponca Paul???


While eating dinner in the restaurant we spotted a truck.... and Rich Uncle can REALLY run FAST!  By Friday the gang was all there!  We hot-tubbed and danced and talked! Amazing the number of folks that were there. Wanda, Scamp, Craw and a multitude of others were camped to my left and April and Ken and Sunchaser and his lovely wife to my right...and behind me was Rich Uncle! How about that for first class accommodations! Me thinks sometimers is setting in...I am having a time of it remembering names. Please forgive me.



After we arrived, we drove around a bit looking for our chat friends, but they were simply not to be found! They were all at dinner in the restaurant! LOL - Rich Uncle came running out of the restaurant after he saw my tent trailer with the Oregon license plate, and we soon were introduced to the group who had already arrived. I then proceeded to set up the tent trailer in the area where the rest of the group had camped.


This gathering was JC/UK's first social nudist experience. JC is confined to a wheelchair. I had thought at first that he may have trouble getting in and out of my tent trailer, but that wasn't the case. Though he has no use of his legs, he is able to get around quite well! He was truly a welcome addition to the gathering.


By Thursday evening, Ponca Paul, JackF, Hiker, Rich Uncle, JC/UK, and dave in OR had arrived. On Friday morning, I cooked breakfast for all those who wished to come over. Jalapeño laced breakfast sausage, country style hash browns, and eggs. I did have help, though. Hiker chopped up the Jalapeños, and Paul mixed them into the sausage.



Fridays breakfast was great.... hot sausage! I think I was drinking beer for breakfast on Saturday and I am still wondering how that beer got into my hand!  Dave??? Jack??? 



Since we had arrived Thursday after the office had closed, I then had to go register Friday morning. They informed me that I was parked in an overflow area, and had to move. (Aarrgghh!!). So we partially took down the tent trailer and moved to the other side of the lake (I wanted hookups), and set up under a eucalyptus tree (more on that later), where we remained until Monday morning.


Laguna del Sol is a beautiful resort, and I found that I could go barefoot virtually everywhere at the resort (I HATE to wear any type of shoes). The lake is great for a quick dip to cool off, they have a large indoor pool and hot tub, as well as a pool and hot tub outdoors, adjacent to the restaurant. There are paths around the lake, and grass is plentiful. There are lots of things to do at Laguna, but we spent most of our time simply enjoying the company of the chat friends. Methinks that next year we should have a horseshoe tournament (Ja jubetcha!) All the people we met from the resort were friendly, and helpful when we had questions.


On Friday, other friends arrived. Sugarbear, NWN and his family, JC & Toots. The gathering grew! We converged at the restaurant for dinner that night, and also for breakfast on Saturday morning.


By Saturday, I discovered the inconvenience of camping under a eucalyptus tree! Those trees deposit sticky little seeds all over the ground, as well as what is on top the ground. My tent trailer and pretty new pickup were literally covered with them. Although it would have been smart to move to a different spot, there was no way I was going to take down that trailer again.

 < hiker>

Laguna is a wonderful place! Sunny and sunburn hot during the day with cool evenings and "freezing cold" mornings! Sunday morning found me on my knees with a blanket wrapped around me praying to The Furnace in Dave's trailer.  Walking around the lake was one of my favorite things to do .... so peaceful so beautiful, the willow trees the water the geese! It never ceases to amaze me how "natural" and beautiful nudist resorts can be. How could anyone be uptight in a place like this?

It was great to see old friends again and to meet new ones. Here’s a list of who was there: JC and Toots, Skinnydipper, Ken(CA) and April, JC/UK who is still calling me Mom??? *L*, JackF & Judy, dave in OR, Ponca Paul, Scamp, Sunchaser & Terri, Newdbie, Shell, Wanda(CA), Rich Uncle, Hiker, Craw, Sugarbear, Luv2sun, Carl & Sharon, Paul & Nanci, Rhoda & Doug, Ken(NWN) and his family, and Reta & her husband. If we have left anyone out, it wasn’t intentional.


A huge thank-you to Judy and Jack (the squirrel killer….he talks em to death *L*) for the wonderful weekend! You have a beautiful club and your hospitality was second to none!


Now all I have to do is survive the long cold winter so we can all get together again next summer!