TBurd's 40 Acres Get Together Report


Subject:  40 Acres

Written by Ted Burd

  One of the greatest nudist true events that I have ever seen published was the one that hiker wrote on this line. What a great article, It should have been published in every nudist magazine in the world, so great. Tears went down my eys when I read it.

  Now it is my turn to talk about the greatest nude experience in my life, and it occured a few weeks ago at a place called 40 acres.  And what a great place and experience it was! It was hosted by the two greatest people that I have ever met, Frankie and Joyce. God love you both for what you have done for the nudist chat line people.

  I never knew who frankie and joyce were, talked to them a few times on the chat lines, no big deal, we all talk, but I heard about this convention at 40 acres in March, l999.  It was the third one.  I do not remember the other two.  When it was announced, I contacted these two people who I had never met and told them I would be there.

  This old Coast Guard veteran, who will soon be 50, was damn scared about 40 acres.  One thing I do not do is fly in a plane, not my style. The only way to get there was to fly, so I booked my flight, that day, in March 1999.

  Originally, no rooms were available for me, I would have to sleep in a tent, with my disabilty of deteriating disk disease that was a big concern for me.  I was worried about the possiblily of waking up in the morning and not being able to move. I was very scared of that, but frankie and joyce sent me a message that they had a room for me, that made one worry, one less.

  Then the next paranoid momment was how is the hell was I going to get to 40 acres. I am a country boy, live in a small city, St Louis is a big city, 20 times bigger than what I am used to. I get lost, walking down the street, but again another savior was around the corner and her name was kkuddles.

  She volunteered to take off work to make sure I did not get lost, god love her for it, she actually took vacation time off work to take care of me.  You are a special person kkuddles, a very special person. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help.

  D-Day finally came, time to leave, time to get on a plane, time to drive from Harrisburg, Pa to BWI airport. I got up one hour late, so expected a disaster, instead I arrived two hours early.  I am glad they have a bar at BWI so I could have a few ones before I got on plane, because planes and me do not get along.

  The flight was fine, actually enjoyed it, but the next event was to occur, would kkudeles really be there to pick me up, and she was, held my hand and took me to 40 acres.  What a great person, the first great person at this event that I met.

  I have always said that respect or power is not bought or appointed on the chat rooms, it is earned. And some of us at that time had reputations that were less than honorable, I have to admit that I was one of those who was not looked at in a favorable context, I did not know that, if I would have know that, I would have not gone to 40 acres!

  I was the rookie entering 40 acres, a real rookie, and then I got to meet frankie.  I had not been to the last two 40 acres events, and it was his job to protect his family, as he calls it.  He is a Marine Corps Veteran, and information supplied to him about me was of a concern for him.  He will defend his family, but it took him about 60 seconds to determine that I was family, that I was for real, and we laughed about it for 5 days.

  The first person I met was Leo(MN), I had said hello to him on chat lines, but no big deal, I say hello to everyone.  But we bonded, and big time, with the hat he wears how could you not bond with him.  I arrived a day early and so did Leo(MN), what a great time we had before the day before the event. He even accused me of drinking his beer,LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL.  He can party with the best of them, a fine, fine, person, I am so glad I can call him my freind.

  There were three poeple on the chat line that I had talked to before, that were so important for me to meet, Ponca Paul---neb, CAM, and Doris, they were the ones, that I needed to bond with, no questions about it.

  Ponca Paul---neb, was a fine gentleman, and a great guy, he told me that he would not be drinking any beer, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, I loved to watch him filling his cooler up and taking it up to the pool, again a LOL, LOL, LOL, you are a fine person, ponca paul---neb, so glad I met you.

  And then it came to meeting Doris. I have talked to her for over a year, always talking to her about dumping her husband, and moving in with me, always in jest, but I was worried that her husband would not like me for that, I call her my girlfriend on the line.  Damn, John was a great guy, a really great person, I love him so much, we bonded immediately, and we did, And Doris will always be my girlfriend on the chat line, she saw the stars at 40 acres.

  Frankie told me on Thursday that when CAM would arrive he would be a pain in the butt, and frankie was correct, he was.  But he put a show on that know one else could have done, went to the wrong room and tried to get in, he put a show on that know one the entire event could have done, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL! He deserves extra credit for that show, again a LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, But I bonded with CAM at airport when we left on Monday, tears were in my eyes, and I mean that big time! He is a great person, a great, great person, and I love him!

  Meatball was as big as I figured meatball would be, but I found out right away the meatball's heart was as big as he was.  And to dd, and intoit2, you were fine people also, and I have missed talking about so many, buzz and fool, so many I want to talk about but do not have the time and space.

  But 40 acres was not a Adult thing, kids were there, and that needs to be addressed.  To you Sunkist, you have the two sweetist  young ones that I have ever seen, those girls were so nice, you can tell they have been raised in a correct fashion, hard not to fall in love with them.

  The kids were not just Sunkist, Logan who is TJ's son was there also, and I as Sunkist is, am a single DAD and MOM both, but my boys are much, much older. I taught the kids a game in basketball, called around the world. And it was all of the kids from the entire camp who came down and said:  "Is it time to play basketball, TBURD"? And they beat my butt, everytime, no one can beat me in basketball but the kids did, every time, and did not even try to lose.

  40 acres has been an experience of a life time for me, and the two people who made this happen, were Frankie and Joyce, you two are such great people, for having an event like this.  You put us up, you fed us, and took care of over 60 people from the chat lines, you are special people, and damn special people.

  A special thank you from all of us who attended 40 acres, frankie and joyce, a special thank you.  God bless you both!

Chat room people who attended the event are as following:eurtan, sunbare, sonja/thomas, sunkist, little texeas, little sister, buzz, the fool, Leo, kuddles, tburd, ponca paul, mary(wi) and bob, suzy and RTD, two unnamed, shortybare/bill, charlie and sharleen, TJ & logan, naturdoy, intoit2, lurking, jim(ar) and angela, al and norma, dd, tom/mary(il), cyberbill and friend, curious and pat, bob(MO).